Door Knocking Guess Who?

Door Knocking Guess Who?
This is an interesting video, I have
talked to the JWs at my doorstep for
years and have had good debates,
sometimes keeping them debating
for an hour!
I think this video shows just how
lovely these people (JWs) are...
although of course their doctrine is
all wrong...
I'm a bit suspicious of the house holders
doctrine too, it almost seemed like they
were people that believe in large amount
of peoples are descendant from Israel..

Adventist ministers

About 1870, Russell and his father established a group with a number of acquaintances to undertake an analytical study of the Bible and the origins of Christian doctrine, creed, and tradition. The group, strongly influenced by the writings of Millerite Adventist ministers George Storrs and George Stetson, themselves frequent attendees, came to the conclusion that many of the primary doctrines of the established churches, including the trinity, hellfire and inherent immortality of the soul, were not substantiated by the scriptures.
Pyramidology. Following views first taught by Christian writers such as John Taylor, Charles Piazzi Smyth and Joseph Seiss, he believed the Great Pyramid of Giza was built by the Hebrews (associated to the Hyksos) under God’s direction, but to be understood only in our day. He adopted and used Seiss's phrase referring to it as "the Bible in stone". He believed that certain biblical texts, including Isaiah 19:19–20 and others, prophesied a future understanding of the Great Pyramid and adopted the view that the various ascending and descending passages represented the fall of man, the provision of the Mosaic Law, the death of Christ, the exultation of the saints in heaven, etc. Calculations were made using the pattern of an inch per year. Dates such as 1874, 1914, and 1948 were purported to have been found through the study of this monument. Wikipedia....

Use of Pyrimidology in Age Chart

Use of Pyrimidology in Age Chart

A Shaky Foundation!

Russell's teaching that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built under God's direction was overturned in 1928, when Judge Rutherford asserted that it had been built under the direction of Satan for the purpose of deceiving God's people in the last days.The announcement prompted further defections among long-time Bible Students.

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